"Puts you on a level playing field with the biggest CTA's in the world. It is powerful..."

Mechanica starts by building on the foundation of power and flexibility that its predecessor is renowned for, and introduces groundbreaking new functionality in a number of critical areas, such as advanced multi-dimensional tracing, and an enriched programming language that offers unsurpassed ease-of-use and control in codifying and testing your trading algorithms and risk control strategies.

A unique collection of software tools developed through the years in response to our own research quests and automation needs as CTA's and hedge fund managers, subjected to years of real-world testing.

Measure risk, as you choose to define it. View risk globally, across every layer of your portfolio, across multiple systems. Dynamically resize open positions based on any combination of portfolio-level conditions or events you can envision.

With greatly simplified data handling, extended reporting, automated custom report generation with graphics and code export, extensive Monte Carlo analysis, and multi-period frequency distribution charting...create the most complex scenarios imaginable, with just a few lines of code. Then analyze.


"The raw functionality is stunning with Mechanica. I have a really hard time thinking of things I can't make that machine do..."