"Operational efficiency through automation..."

Mechanica's advanced new multi-account Order Manager is specifically designed for CTA's and others who manage multiple individual accounts. Featuring custom order and position reporting, with full automation, and advanced error detection, OM helps keep multiple account equity divergence to a minimum.

  • For fund managers, order management automation directly translates into administrative cost reduction, and frees your time for the pursuit of more important matters...like talking to customers, and increasing assets under management.
  • For individual professional traders, it translates into more time spent on other endeavors...such as research.
  • Customization allows you to output order and position reports, pre-formatted to fit your unique requirements.
  • For all traders, OM's sophisticated error detection helps eliminate potentially expensive order management snafus.

"When a client says, 'Here's a million dollars to trade, what now?' I know exactly what: Set up the account in Mechanica and push GO, repeat on a daily basis, and watch the system go to work.

When the client decides to add funds...Mechanica knows how to rescale the positions and adjust for the change."