Position Status and Exit Status fields

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Position Status

This field displays a status for every day of data, including entry and exit days. It will display one of the following six messages:

Too Soon:

This message means that one or more indicators is still busy calculating its first non-zero data point (no trades are allowed until then).


The system is flat (not currently in a trade).

Negative Data:

Indicates the presence of negative data in a back-adjusted (futures) price data file (symbol). Mechanica requires non-negative data, and will not calculate indicators, nor enter or exit trades during periods of negative data.


A long trade is in progress.


A short trade is in progress.

Wrong Side:

Indicates the presence of a stop on the wrong side of the market. Entry occurs as soon as the wrong side condition is absent (provided an entry is still indicated).

Exit Status

This field displays data only on the trade exit date, and will display one of the following four messages:

At Open:

The trade exited on the Open.

At Close:

The trade exited on the Close.

At Value:        

The exit price was hit, and the trade exited at this specific value, using either Buy/Sell Stop or Limit.

Lock Limit:

Mechanica has detected the condition H = L, and will not enter or exit a trade on a locked-limit day, when the instrument is futures.