Other Features

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Parameter Stepping

nAutomatically step any or all variables within your rules across any number of systems.

New Order Manager

nMechanica’s advanced new Order Manager provides a sensible method for transitioning from the theoretical world, into real-world order generation.  It's an extremely useful feature for all systematic traders.

User-friendly interface

Mechanica’s menu system conforms to Windows™ conventions, and should be immediately familiar to anyone who has used Microsoft Word™, Excel™, or other Windows software applications.

nStandard Windows keystrokes are used with the pull down menus, and additional function-key and control-key shortcuts are noted within the menus.
nFor example, to Run Signal Rules, Choose Run Signal Rules from the Signals menu, type the shortcut Alt–S, R, click on the Run Signal Rules icon on the Signal toolbar... or press F9.

nCreate and save as many different systems as you wish.
nOpen or retrieve an existing system in the same manner you would open or retrieve any other file.

Full-featured Rules Editor

nWindows conventions apply. You are free to cut and paste rules from other Mechanica systems, or from the example systems supplied, into your current system. There is no need to retype frequently used rules.
nMechanica unobtrusively monitors syntax as you create or modify system rules, and warns you of syntax problems only after your thought is complete.
nFor easy reference, previous simulation results remain in view on-screen while you edit your system.
nSearch and Replace is fully supported.

Symbol Manager

nAn improved data management facility, complete with import/export and data preview window. Accommodates forex conversion to ensure that rate changes in the native currency of non-dollar denominated positions are accurately accounted for.

Data formats

nMechanica reads virtually any type of end-of-day (EOD) ASCII data, one data file per symbol.
nBack-adjusted, continuous data should be used for the historical testing of futures markets, and for generating orders via the Order Manager. Stock data should be adjusted for splits and dividends.

Tool Box indicators

nSelect the indicators your system will use from a number of popular technical studies, including RSI, %R, stochastics, volatility, moving averages, and others.

Flexible entry and exit

Orders can be dollar amounts, or a specific price. Trade entries and exits can occur...

nat the open
non a stop basis
non a target price (limit basis)
nat the close