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What is the difference between Mechanica Standard Edition and Mechanica Professional Edition?

A comparison chart between the two versions is also available.

What is the return policy for Mechanica Standard Edition?

No refunds will be given on Mechanica Standard Edition (Upgrade version) purchases or for additional security keys.

Returns will be accepted for 30 days from shipment for Mechanica Standard Edition (Full version). Credit for purchase will be issued after return and inspection of USB security device.

Can Mechanica Software ship to P.O. Boxes, APO's, or FPO's?

Mechanica Software will not ship to P.O. Boxes.

Mechanica Software can ship to APO's and FPO's. Order the Mechanica package with shipping and handling to the United States.

What methods of payment are available for Mechanica Software?

All version of Mechanica are available for purchase by PayPal or contacting us directly:

  • PayPal - this is typically the fastest method. Choose the correct shipping option and click the PayPal Buy Now button from the products page.
  • Wire transfer, check, or money order - Please contact sales if you require wiring instructions:

How do I download Mechanica if I forgot my serial number?

A convenient serial number lookup exists here. Just put in the email address you used to register Mechanica, and your serial number will be emailed to you. If you are not sure what email you used, you may try more than once.

What operating systems does Mechanica run on?

Mechanica version 3 natively installs on 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows including Windows 10 and Windows 7. Mechanica has been successfully installed on Mac OSX systems running a virtual machine. There is currently no native support for Mechanica on Linux or UNIX.

What software is incompatible with Mechanica?

Kaspersky anti-virus conflicts with normal operation of Mechanica and is not compatible.

Is a security token or dongle required to run Mechanica?

Yes. A small USB security token is required to use Mechanica.

What are the minimum requirements for Mechanica?

Minimum recommended system requirements are a Pentium 4 class processor or better with at least 1 GB RAM (2 GB or more is recommended) and at least 4 GB disk space (possibly more depending on usage).

Can I use Bloomberg market data with Mechanica?

Mechanica uses end-of-day ascii data. For futures, you'll want to use back adjusted continuous contract data. For stocks you'll need split and dividend back adjusted data. The general field layout you'll want to specify is Date, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Open Interest (futures). This data is available from CSI, Pinnacle, and Bloomberg. There are others but we know these to be particularly reliable.

Additionally, the Mechanica Help file has a tutorial lesson devoted to the various aspects of data setup and maintenance.

Is there a users' list or forum available?

Yes. A users' forum for Standard and Professional users is available for registered users only: Mechanica Users' Forums.

Are updates free?

Yes. Since Mechanica's debut in 2006, all major and minor updates have been free for all versions of Mechanica. So your Mechanica Software will never be out of date.

Is support free?

Mechanica Standard Edition has free technical support with no annual fees.

I just bought Mechanica, now what?

We will process and ship your order usually within 1 business day. After your order ships, you can expect an email with your tracking number and Mechanica installation instructions. If you do not receive your welcome letter within 48 hours of placing the order, please contact us.


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