Mechanica Feature Comparison

Feature Link Pro Standard
New Feature in Version 3!
Markowitz style Mean Variance Optimization
New Feature in Version 3!
Full Windows 7 compatibility
Parameter Stepping
Dynamic Risk Management (DRM). Scale in or out (Resize) with respect to view
Position view
Order Management Automation - number of accounts
Custom orders and positions
Comprehensive statistical and graphical reporting, including a Monte-Carlo suite
Sortable Trade Summaries
Trade multiple systems from one account
Export custom research reports to Excel for saving system research and assisting with customer research requests
Structured rules editor segregates code by functional purpose into resources, trade entry, trade exit, initial sizing and resizing
Simulate options hedge against a basket
Integrates with automated order execution platforms like FIX and others
Trade-level debugging with Grid and Charts
Portfolio-level debugging X-Ray
Easy to use system development language
Trading related keywords and functions
Position sizing related keywords and functions
User programmable functions and indicators
User definable Risk
User named variables and grid columns]
Manages discretionery trades
Supports Forex conversions for non-dollar denominated instruments
Ranking - single and multi-pass
Batch operations can be used to automate processing for research and daily order generation
Reads external data (numerical-fundamental) - Unlimited number of fields
State of the art electronic on-line Help
Step-by-step tutorials
Advanced data management includes support for testing with multiple portfolios from different data vendors and disk folders simultaneously
User definable methodologies can determine order of Resizing
Commission and Slippage netted for opposing positions
Runs Mechanica generated non-readable system files
Creates non-readable system files that other Mechanica users can run
Security package available along with a special Runtime version of Mechanica for system vendors who want to sell systems that are non-human-readable and non-sharable
Supports unlimited trade count testing by storing trades in disk files instead of in memory
Variables can serve as parameter values for functions and indicators
Export Grid, X-Ray, periodic and trade-by-trade portfolio results for use with other software packages
Expert custom system development available