Getting Started

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Using the Tutorial

The tutorial can be started immediately after installation.

The lesson "Data" is all about data handling.  You can start that one at any time.  The numbered lessons are designed to be worked through in sequential order.

If you have years of experience as a trader and years of experience as a professional programmer, you can probably just read the tutorial. All others should work through all the lessons.  For most people, this is the only way that practical benefit can be gained.

Mechanica Basic Language Reference

The Mechanica Basic Language Reference is a listing of keywords that you will use to construct your simulations.  It includes usage examples for each of the words that Mechanica understands (keywords), and lists the "page" or “tab” on which the various keywords are legal (where they can be used).

Browse through it from time to time as you go through the tutorials to familiarize yourself with the scope. Later, it will serve as reference, and as a memory refresher.

Order Manager

There is a separate tutorial for OM operations which covers Parent and Child account setup and management.  We suggest that you start this section after you've completed all the lessons in the main tutorial and have had a chance to become familiar with Mechanica Basic.