Batch file

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Batch file operations

nMechanica identifies any SIG file with the word "batch" in its filename as a legitimate batch file.

       Example:  YourBatchFile.sig

nA batch file is nothing more than a list of processing instructions for Mechanica to execute.
nMechanica processes batch files line-by-line.
nThere can only be one statement per line.
nComments may Not appear on the same line as a command. 'this is a comment
nUnlike SIG and SIZ code Mechanica does not check Syntax in batch operations.
nAmong the instructions that can appear in a batch file are paths, as well as SIG filenames and SIZ filenames.  So if Mechanica sees the file C:\SwingSystem\MyFavorite.sig within a batch file, it knows to execute this sig file.
nUnless the path is specified, files called from within a batch.sig file are assumed to reside in the path where Mechanica's support files are installed. Usually:

       \My Documents\Mechanica.

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