"TR and Mechanica are my research food, water and oxygen."

With corporate headquarters in Annapolis, Maryland, we are a small group of experienced traders and fund managers dedicated to meeting the stringent demands of the professional systematic trading community.

Following its release in 1992, Mechanica's predecessor Trading Recipes (TR) quickly gained a reputation as the industry standard in portfolio-level backtesting software. And rightfully so. For the first time, traders were able to conduct realistic multi-instrument simulations, and apply an extensive library of position sizing and risk management functions to the systems they created.

Software that is the result of continual improvement, based on feedback from our knowledgeable and fiercely loyal user community.

Though the name has changed, the philosophy remains the same: Mechanica was created to let you develop, test, deploy and automate virtually any trading strategy imaginable.

Mechanica takes it to the next level...